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Rising Star: Get To Know MAR SOSSA And His Musical Journey


Meet Rising Star MAR SOSSA,

the versatile poet hailing from

the heart of New York! With a mesmerizing blend of melodies

& harmonies, Mar Sossa

dropped an 8-track album titled

"IM SO V3RSITLE" that's straight from the soul. Born in the Bronx, raised in Harlem, MAR SOSSA brings a unique spin to HIP HOP, infusing each track with the essence of his neighborhoods.



Breathe in the authenticity of MAR SOSSA as he spills his heart on each track, his songs are a reflection of his community, love for women, the warmth of family, and the trials life has thrown his way. Imagine the bright New York city lights, the concrete beneath your feet, and the passion of MAR SOSSA's voice resonating through the headphones! You don't just hear him you can feel his soul bleeding through every beat. Whether you're out with friends, hitting the gym, or riding solo, each track on "IM SO V3RSITLE" is a burst of energy! A few personal favorites is " Crank That, JCIFWYTDMIFIY, NO LOVE HERE, WHITE FORCES, And RUN " Which Mar Sossa Dropped A Music Video Too along with the project.

Tap IN! And experience the streets of New York through the poetic lens of

MAR SOSSA. This is more than music; it's a journey! And We Are Here For IT!

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