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Enhancing The Quality & Overall Production Value Of The New York Underground Music Industry!

Who knew New York needed this collaboration so bad! Mid summer 2022 Exodus Production & Young Wild N Paid, partnered up to bring a new wave of music & video production to New York City.

street performance
Photo Credit | Blockwork TV | A Voice for the Trenches

For those who aren’t familiar, Young Wild N Paid is a full service multimedia entertainment company that specializes in music, video production, branding and marketing for artists. They have been in the game for around 5 years working with entertainers such as Tim Vocals, Malik Yoba, Chris Christopher, Yagi B & More!

Exodus Productions
Exodus Productions Studio In East Harlem

Then we have

Exodus Productions located in East Harlem, is a private studio for record labels & other production companies in need of remote locations for their artists & productions. Exodus is currently operating out of a newly renovated studio packed with all equipment necessary for an artist to plan, execute & showcase their projects!

Between Exodus Production's studio & Young Wild N Paid’s creative process, artists should now have enough access to enhance the quality & overall production value of the New York underground music industry and compete with the big record labels!

For Example:

Check out the “ CLOSE UP “ freestyle series curated and produced by Exodus Productions & Young Wild N Paid. The freestyle series gives a unique spin on live performances.

The style and feeling is very intimate, hence the name CLOSE UP ! The angles are clean headshots giving that New York in your face attitude! Making you feel the artist pain!

If this is the first official collaboration Tbetween the companies!!!! I'm sure there’s plenty more greatness to come!!

To Watch More “ CLOSE UP “ Freestyles

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