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Rapping is a dangerous profession. It's not just about the music and the fame, it's about the life of crime that comes with it. There are many rappers who have died in 2022 and we need to ask ourselves is this lifestyle worth it? We know that being a rapper is risky, but what can we do to stay safe in this dangerous business? Some people choose to change their careers and some people choose to change their lifestyles.


The rap industry is a dangerous place to be In the last ten years, there have been 100's of deaths in the rap industry. These deaths are not just from violence and accidents, but also from mental health issues & drug abuse.

Here's A List Of Rappers Who Died In 2022:

  1. TakeOff

  2. PnB Rock

  3. Trouble

  4. TDott Woo

  5. Lil Keed

  6. Pat Stay

  7. FBG Cash

  8. Jaydayoungin

  9. Goonew

  10. Georgian Hassle

  11. DJ Kay

  12. Snootie Wild

  13. Wavy Navy Pooh

  14. Houston Dashes

  15. J Stash

  16. & More.......


As the rap industry is becoming more and more dangerous, many are wondering

if the risk is worth it.Think aboutI how many rappers were killed in their prime!

This has left a lot of families struggling and a lot of fans heartbroken!

How can we fix this? Share some ways for rappers

to stay safe in this Dangerous Industry?


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